• Mary Mourning

90s Goth Nostalgia

I have been in a 90s nostalgia mood again for the past few weeks. Whilst browsing through Etsy and EBay I came across some vintage 90s Poet blouses. they are one of those items you rarely find in the thrift stores, perhaps because they were usually made in silk or rayon and just haven't held up over the years. I was shocked by the prices I found though. They ranged anywhere from $100 up to $250! I thought Screw That! And went and dug through my stash of vintage patterns. I finally decided on Simplicity 2163.

It is an Arkivestry pattern by Simplicity. A brand name that I like and trust to sew with. My first blouse I made from a creamy coloured stretch rayon in a jacquard print. I edged it in a heavy lace. I'm really impressed with how it turned out, as its the perfect length and size for me. I did modify the sleeves a bit by adding elastic instead of a cuff, but otherwise i did the pattern as is.

In fact I was so impressed with this top that I made a second version in a burnout black velvet. I think I will get more wear out of the black version in the long run. This blouse is so comfortable to wear in this soft material and yet it still looks very dressy.

Which colour do you prefer? Cream, black or maybe a red next? Now I think I will make some more of these for the shop so others can enjoy some vintage poet blouses as well!




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